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Ionizer & Air Purifier

Ionizer & Air Purifier
  • IONIZER can be used in COMPUTER ROOMS to prevent headaches and other troubles.
  • IONIZER can be used in AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS to counteract the effects of ion depletion.
  • IONIZER can be used in LABORATORIES to remove all types of smells and odours.
  • IONIZER can be used in OFFICES to make the air smoke and dust free.
  • IONIZER can be used in automobiles to freshen the air and keep the driver alert while driving.
  • IONIZER reduces the trouble of Asthma patients.
  • IONIZER reduces the intensity of snoring.
  • IONIZER helps fast recovery in Burn cases.
  • IONIZER makes the Operation Theatre bacteria free.
  • IONIZER helps Doctors and Medical Staff to prevent disease transfer through bacteria 
Working Principal
     The Electronic  IONIZER and AIR PURIFIER (Car Model) works on the Principal of generating from 12V DC to 4.8kV negative voltage.When this voltage is applied to the sharp points of pins of the Ionizer millions of electrons are produced from the tip of the pins.
     These electrons travel across the car volume and neutralise the positive ions which are dust particles,smoke particles ,etc. within the car by electrostatic precipitation process.

   A piece of wall-crown-tape with sticker is provided with the unit. Remove the plastic cover of tape and fix one part.The other part (Female part )may be sticked on the dasboard at the required place other,the Ionizer can be placed on the dashboard of the car.
  Plug the Ionizer plug (Red and Black)into cigarette lighter socket and Green light in the right side of the unit is in operation.
  The unit will start producing a few millions of ions which will do their function. You can test that the unit is working,by using the tester given with the unit. Hold one side of tester in your hand and earth yourself,hold second side in front of any pin, the lamp in the tester will glow, indicating the working of the unit.

  The occasional cleaning of sharply pointed pins is required to get best results from the unit. This can be done by the given cleaning brush with the unit or a clean cigarette filter.
  After few years of use of the unit the pin points get blunt and this needs replacement of pins. This can be done by you at your place easily as given below:-
  Switch  pff the unit.Using the pair of tweezer or long nose piler pull out pins and replace new pins(Two sets of pins are given with the unit) in  the sockets by gentle push.They are press fit.

Special Instructions
  • Do not connect the unit to any other voltage supply except 12V DC power supply.
  • Do not place the unit in the car on metallic parts.
  • Do not touch tips of pins with the finger or hard objects.
  • Clean the tips of pins regularly.